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Monday, February 16, 2015

Marguerite Deshaies ou Deshayes

Wikipedia: The King's Daughters (French: filles du roi; filles du roy) is a term used to refer to the approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program sponsored by Louis XIV. The program was designed to boost Canada's population both by encouraging male immigrants to settle there, and by promoting marriage, family formation and the birth of children. While women and girls certainly emigrated to New France both before and after this time period, they were not considered to be filles du roi, as the term refers to women and girls who were actively recruited by the government and whose travel to the colony was paid for by the king. They were also occasionally known as the King's Wards, where "wards" meant those under the guardianship of another.

Marguerite Deshaies ou Deshayes was my 9th great-grandmother and a fille du roi.  These are the generations of Marie-Marguerite Deshaies ou Deshayes down to my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron.

Generation 1
Marguerite Deshaies ou Deshayes was born circa 1646 in Rouen, Normandie, France.  She married Pierre Ménard dit St-Onge December 31, 1670 in Québec.  Pierre Ménard dit St-Onge was born circa 1636 in Saintes, Saintonge, France.  Marguerite Deshaies ou Deshayes died November 17, 1709 in Repentigny, L`Assomption, Québec.
They had:
Marie-Catherine Ménard dite St-Onge (circa 1680)

Generation 2
Marie-Catherine Ménard dite St-Onge was born circa 1680 in Québec.  She married Jean Deguire dit Larose May 25, 1701 in Contrecoeur, Verchères, Québec.  Jean Deguire dit Larose was born circa 1674 and died August 22, 1719 in Côté-St-Louis, Montréal, Québec.  Marie-Catherine Ménard dite St-Onge died April 15, 1713 in Hotel-Dieu, Montréal, Québec.
They had:
Marie-Jeanne Deguire dite Larose (circa 1708)

Generation 3
Marie-Anne Deguire dite Larose was born circa 1702.  She married Jean-Baptiste Goyau dit Lagarde January 29, 1720 in Détroit, Michigan.  Jean-Baptiste Goyau dit Lagarde was born October 13, 1688 in Montréal, Québec.  Marie-Anne Deguire dite Larose died March 1, 1733 in Détroit, Michigan.
They had:
Jean-Baptiste Gouyou dit Lagarde (November 3, 1722)

Generation 4
Jean-Baptiste Gouyou dit Lagarde was born November 3, 1722 in Détroit, Michigan.  He married Marie-Louise-Angélique Delières dite Bonvouloir.  January 10, 1747.  Marie-Louise-Angélique Delières dite Bonvouloir was born February 6, 1724 in Montréal, Québec and died September 15, 1766 in Détroit, Michigan.  Jean-Baptiste Gouyou dit Lagarde died March 19, 1764 in Détroit, Michigan.
They had:
Marie-Louise Goyeau dite Lagarde (August 8, 1759)

Generation 5
Marie-Louise Goyeau dite Lagarde was born August 8, 1759 in South Coast of Detroit (Sandwich/Windsor), Essex, Ontario.  She married Pascal-Michel Catin dit Baron November 21, 1774 in Assumption, Sandwich (Windsor), Essex, Ontario.  Pascal-Michel Catin dit Baron was born April 6, 1749 in Longueuil, Chambly, Québec Longueuil, Chambly, Québec.
They had:
François-Xavier Catin dit Baron (September 8, 1778)

Generation 6
François-Xavier Catin dit Baron was born September 8, 1778 in Sandwich (Windsor), Essex, Ontario.  He married Angélique Cabassier November 17, 1812 in Ste. Ann's, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.  Angélique Cabassier was born October 21, 1791 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.
They had:
François-Xavier Catin dit Barron (December 24, 1813)

Generation 7
François-Xavier Catin dit Barron was born December 24, 1813 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.  He married Félicité Paré October 3, 1836 in Assumption, Sandwich (Windsor), Essex, Ontario.  Félicité Paré was born June 20, 1816 in Sandwich, Essex, Province of Canada.
They had:
Joseph Barron (circa 1844)

Generation 8
Joseph Barron was born circa 1844 in Assumption, Sandwich (Windsor), Ontario, Canada.  He married Suzanne Ouellette August 31, 1869 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario, Canada.  Suzanne Ouellette was born circa January 1848 in Sandwich, Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died circa 1942 in Essex, Ontario, Canada.
They had:
Harvey Joseph Barron (July 17, 1887)

Generation 9
Harvey Joseph Barron was born July 17, 1887 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  He married Susan Laurain.  Susan Laurain was born January 25, 1885 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States and died January 27, 1967 in Estral Beach, Monroe County, Michigan, United States.
They had:
Lenore Evelyn Barron (January 8, 1923)

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