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Filles du Roi

I descend from a few filles du roi (the King's daughters).

From Wikipedia (English):
The King's Daughters (French: filles du roi; filles du roy) is a term used to refer to the approximately 800 young French women who immigrated to New France between 1663 and 1673 as part of a program sponsored by Louis XIV. The program was designed to boost Canada's population both by encouraging male immigrants to settle there, and by promoting marriage, family formation and the birth of children. While women and girls certainly immigrated to New France both before and after this time period, they were not considered to be filles du roi, as the term refers to women and girls who were actively recruited by the government and whose travel to the colony was paid for by the king. They were also occasionally known as the King's Wards, where "wards" meant those under the guardianship of another.

These are the filles du roi that I descend from.  Please click their names to see how they connect to my grandmother, Lenore Evelyn Barron.

The American-French Genealogical Society offers a certificate program for people who are direct descendants of a fille du roi.

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