Blogiversary: 10/2/2013


These are links that pertain to my family:
Thomas James Arcala Sr. @ (and a few of his ancestors are connected to him)
My family tree on Tribal Pages. (it's private for the most part; ask and you might be able to view)
Lenore Barron @ (a site for sharing historic pictures)
Christopher's Journal (my 9 year old son's online journal)
Diamond and Mathew Tie the Knot (my 1st cousin Mathew Hipol's wedding site)
Eats and Crafts (a food and craft page by my 2nd cousin, her maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother were sisters)
Emma's Corner (a family page by my 2nd cousin, her maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother were sisters)
Matt LaDuke's Blog (he and I are 4th cousins 1x removed)
My Pets at (join me on YouPet in order to meet the critters of my family)

French-Canadian Family History Pages I Like:
Daniel R. Ouellette's Family Site
Famille Vanier
Vanier Family

The War of 1812:
River Raisin Battlefield
The Battle of Maguaga 
Battle of Mackinac Island
Battle of Brownstown

These are great research sites:
Library and Archives Canada
Detroit Historical Society
American-French Genealogical Society
French Surname Standards
Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique
The Drouin Institute

These are great sites for newbies to start a family tree:

Holy Redeemer Year Books


  1. I found your blog through a comment you made on my blog
    So many wierd connections between us. My wife is Korean like your mother. My brother-in-law now lives in Uijongbu. My paternal Grandfather's ancestry is French Canadian. And one last coincidence is I lived in Huntington Beach (one block from Westminster). I attended Marina HS

    1. That's crazy! I went to Ocean View High School, would have gone to Marina but we moved. How far back on your LeBlanc line did you get? I don't know if I have any LeBlanc's in my ancestry (thus far), but I do know there are LeBlancs in my tree as relatives.