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Unfortunately, I have to put a disclaimer up, after seeing my personal photos on a family tree on being recycled by other members of onto other public family trees on Tribalpages as well as Mundia, photos I personally scanned or took with my own camera, photos that are one of a kind because they were taken on a Polaroid, etc.  These were photos that were not meant to be used in family trees, but only to share with my friends and family whom were on my Facebook friend list.  My Facebook account is private (friends only), thus my things should have remained in my photo albums.    That said...

I have spent years researching and digging around libraries, buying books, surfing the internet, scanning photos, begging people via email, questioning on message boards, etc for help on my family history.  I could have easily copied and pasted things, and copied a full family tree if I wanted to, because there are so many family trees out there.  I began with an abandoned family tree that I curated over at  It looked nice and pretty, but it wasn't one that "I" created from scratch.  What I am asking, is that if you use something from me, please give me credit for it, because what you find on here is my own personal research, sleepless nights, skipped breakfasts and lunches, forgotten TV programs, just so I could begin from scratch and make "the perfect" family history page.

If there's something on this site that doesn't "give credit" it's because either I scanned it personally or I personally researched it.  If I received something from someone else, or I found it on a website scanned by someone else, I will credit them for it.  If I forgot, feel free to remind me.

I typed everything in the 10 Generations Lists from my own family tree I did from scratch.  Hours and hours of it, typing in accent marks on an English keyboard.  You know how hard that is when you're used to typing 60+ WPM?  So, if you are going to "copy and paste," please give me credit.

Simply put, please give credit where credit is due.
I have been so very frustrated with people using my personal photos (photos of me, my children, siblings, husband and my mother) on family tree sites without my permission, especially if I scanned it or uploaded them to a private place like my private Facebook account.  They are living people and should individually be asked to participate in your research.  If the answer is no, then that should be respected.  If you notice, I do not put pictures of my children, siblings or husband in an open forum.  They are living, they remain private.  My personal pictures are not "public domain" especially if you are "writing a book" to be sold about our shared ancestry.  Respect that.

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