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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fresen Laurain

Fresen Laurain was my 3rd great-grandmother.  This is a picture of her tombstone.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Ibbotson at Findagrave.

She was born Euphrosine Leduc on October 31, 1825 and died November 28, 1908.  She was the daughter of François-Barthelemi Leduc and Marguerite Boutron dite Major.

Other names she was known by were Frazine and Mary Ann.

This is the census of 1850 in the township of Springwells, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.  Line 1 through 11 is Fresen's household.  On the same Census, on line 24 is Augustin Laurain's household.  Augustin and John Baptist Laurain were brother-in-laws and cousins.  John Baptist Laurain was the sibling of Marguerite Lorrain who was married to Augustin.  They were also cousins.
1850 Census - Springwells Township, Wayne County, Michigan.  Her name was written as Frazine.

From my 4th cousin 1x removed, Matt Laduke's website:
According to the published genealogy “Ancestry of William Leduc of Detroit, Michigan by His daughter Addie Leduc Morton
Francis Barthelmy and Marguerite lived at Saint-Timothee, Québec, Canada, but moved to Detroit, Michigan, leaving on October 31, 1834 and arriving in May 1835. They came with their six youngest children (Judith Angelique, Toussaint C, Louis, Michel, Josephine, Euphrosine) and the husband of their daughter Angelique, who had married Louis L’Arrive. They left on two sleighs with two teams, but when they got to York, now Kingston, Canada, the snow was gone, so they stopped there, and many of them worked there for awhile and then continued on their journey, arriving in Windsor, Canada, in early 1835. Their eldest daughter Marguerite, who had married Felix Charrbonneau, also came to Detroit soon after with his family to reside in Detroit. Their eldest son, Ambrose had married, and did not leave Canada. We do not know when or where Marguerite (Boutron) Leduc died but think while on a visit back to Canada. Francis Barthelmy Leduc made several visits back to Canada, and died there April 30, 1862, aged 79 years. He is buried at St. Louis, near St. Timothee, Canada.

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