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Saturday, July 12, 2014

10 Generations of François Surget

These are the generations of François Surget down to my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron.

Generation 1
François Surget was born circa 1610 in Soubise, Saintonge, France.  He married Marguerite Gravel circa 1635 in Soubise, Saintonge, France.  Marguerite Gravel was born circa 1610 in Rochefort, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France and died September 28, 1659 in  Soubise, Saintonge, France.  François Surget died September 5, 1659 in Soubise, Saintonge, France.
They had:
Madeleine Surget (circa 1638)

Generation 2
Madeleine Surget was born circa 1638 in Soubise, Rochefort, Saintes, Saintonge, France.  She married  Jean Clément dit Lapointe September 28, 1659 in Québec.  Jean Clément dit Lapointe was born July 15, 1629 Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine, France and died September 22, 1693 in La Prairie, Québec.  Madeleine Surget died February 28, 1697 in Ange-Guardien, Québec.
They had:
Madeleine Clément (December 23, 1668)

Generation 3
Madeleine Clément was born December 23, 1668 in La Visitation-de-Notre-Dame, Château-Richer, Québec. She married Charles-Marin Deniau dit Destaillis April 23, 1685 in La Nativité-de-la-Prairie-de-la-Madeleine, Laprairie, Québec. Charles-Marin Deniau dit Destaillis was born June 3, 1663 in Montréal, Québec and died October 18, 1708 in Montréal, Québec.  Madeleine Clément died February 12, 1760 in Laprairie, Québec.
They had:
Claude Deniau (June 17, 1691)

Generation 4
Claude Deniau was born June 17, 1691 in Laprairie, Québec.  He married Marie Poupart November 21, 1717 in Laprairie, Québec.  Marie Poupart was born January 13, 1694 in Laprairie, Québec and died January 12, 1666.  Claude Deniau died May 8, 1771.
They had:
Véronique Deniau (March 26, 1731)

Generation 5
Véronique Deniau was born March 26, 1731 in Boucherville, Québec.  She married Joseph Normandin September 26, 1757 in Laprairie, Québec.  Joseph Normandin was born April 13, 1710 in Boucherville, Québec and died March 29, 1786 in Boucherville, Québec.  Véronique Deniau died April 8, 1806 in Boucherville, Québec.
They had:
Véronique Normandin (February 18, 1771)

Generation 6
Véronique Normandin was born February 18, 1771 in Laprairie, Québec.  She married Gabriel Audet dit Lapointe January 31, 1792 in L'Acadie, Québec.  Gabriel Audet dit Lapointe was born January 25, 1762 in Boucherville, Québec.
They had:
Élisabeth Lapointe (February 3, 1797)

Generation 7
Élisabeth Lapointe was born February 3, 1797 in Assumption, Sandwich, Windsor, Essex, Ontario.  She married Pierre Paré February 8, 1814 in Assumption, Sandwich, Windsor, Essex, Ontario.  Pierre Paré was born March 29, 1793 in Assumption, Sandwich, Windsor, Essex, Ontario.
They had:
Félicité Paré (June 20, 1816)

Generation 8
Félicité Paré was born June 20, 1816 June 20, 1816 in Sandwich, Essex, Province of Canada.  She married François-Xavier Catin dit Barron.  François-Xavier Catin dit Barron was born December 24, 1813 in Détroit, Michigan.
They had:
Joseph Barron (circa 1844)

Generation 9
Joseph Barron was born circa 1844 in Assumption, Sandwich (Windsor), Ontario, Canada.  He married Suzanne Ouellette August 31, 1869 in Assumption, Sandwich, Ontario, Canada.  Suzanne Ouellette was born circa January 1848 in Sandwich, Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died circa 1942 in Essex, Ontario, Canada.
They had:
Harvey Joseph Barron (July 17, 1887)

Generation 10
Harvey Joseph Barron was born July 17, 1887 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  He married Susan Laurain.  Susan Laurain was born January 25, 1885 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, United States and died January 27, 1967 in Estral Beach, Monroe County, Michigan, United States.
They had:
Lenore Evelyn Barron (January 8, 1923)

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