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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dad's Neighborhood

My father, Thomas James Arcala Sr., grew up at 1592 Morrell Street, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.  It was very close to his school, Holy Redeemer, which was also where his church, Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, was located.  It was also close to his favorite coney restaurant, Duly's Place.  My dad said the pot at Duly's hadn't been changed since the day they opened up shop, giving the chili its original flavor.  Duly's was caddy-corner and down the street from my dad's school off Vernor Highway and Junction Street.  My dad said if you ever wanted a coney better than Lafayette Coney Island or American Coney Island, Duly's was, hands-down, better.
Dad's family home on Morrell Street.

Here's a picture of my dad on Morrell Street.  I personally scanned this photo that my dad's favorite cousin Barbara Jean mailed me one Christmas.  I included an updated picture from Google Maps to do a side-by-side view of the window my dad stood in front of.  I think it's amazing how much things change, yet still remain the same.

Map of my Dad's childhood stomping grounds.
Here's a great map of the area.  "A" is where Dad lived, and you can see where Duly's Place and Holy Redeemer was in conjunction with my dad's family home.

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