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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Grandma Lenore's 91st Birthday

January 8, 2014 marked my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron-Arcala-Hipol-Casing's 91st birthday.  She passed away on February 21, 1997.  She was 74.

Lenore's birthday, c. 1992-1993, Long Beach, CA.
With 3rd husband Dionisio "Danny" Casing.
Son, Thomas Arcala in the background.

One of Grandma's jokes when she converted from Roman Catholic to Episcopalian was:

There were two men dying in the hospital.  A Catholic priest walks in and asks them if they would like to be baptized so they could pass through the pearly gates of Heaven.  The first man says, "Yes," and the priest puts his fingers in holy water and baptizes him and blesses him.  The second man gets baptized as well.  When the priest leaves, the second man turns to the first man and says, "He dipped his finger in my urine bottle.  I guess that means I'm Episcopalian (a piss copalian)."

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