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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Heroine of the Strait

The Heroine of the Strait, written by Mary Catherine Crowley. Excellent vintage find.

I was introduced to this book by a fellow genealogist named Nancy Simpson. She and I share ancestors through our French-Canadian sides of the family. She told me to pick this book up, and I found it on Amazon for an arm and leg, and was not going to buy it. I checked out and got it for roughly $10 (s/h included). What a deal!

This book really gives you a great description of the times during Pontiac. I now understand how some of the places in Michigan, where my father was from, received their names such as St. Clair Shores, Detroit, Pontchartrain, Sterling Heights, etc.

The book was written in English with some French words (Google Translate helped me with some things). The story of Angélique Cuillèrier and James Sterling is real, and they are in my family tree (not ancestors of mine, but Angélique Cuillèrier is a distant cousin). I loved the love story written in this fictional story (based on a true story).

Bravo!!! Il a été magnifiquement écrit.

I, personally, scanned this picture and uploaded it to to review and for others to review.  I am proud to have read this book and be able to share it with everybody else.

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