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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Generations of Louis Delaunay

These are the generations of Louis Delaunay down to my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron.

Generation 1
Louis Delaunay was born March 31, 1589 in Ste-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. He married Marguerite Cazalede in Larochelle, Aunis, France. Marguerite Cazalede was born in Ste-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Aunis, France.
They had:
Anne Delaunay (July 10, 1635)

Generation 2
Anne Delaunay was born July 10, 1635 in Ste-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. She married Pierre Mailloux dit Des Moulins October 23, 1661 in Québec. Pierre Mailloux dit Des Moulins was born November 10, 1635 in Brie-Sous-Matha, Saintes, Saintonge, France and died June 11, 1699 in Québec. Anne Delaunay died December 12, 1700 in Québec.
They had:
Noël Mailloux dit Desmoulins (March 29, 1666)

Generation 3
Noël Mailloux dit Desmoulins was born March 29, 1666 in Québec. He married Thérèse-Louise Marcoux November 7, 1690 in Beauport, Québec. Thérèse-Louise Marcoux was born January 23, 1667 in Beauport, Quebec and died July 10, 1735 in Beauport, Québec. Noël Mailloux dit Desmoulins died January 10, 1753 in Beauport, Québec.
They had:
Germain Mailloux (circa 1699)

Generation 4
Germain Mailloux was born circa 1699. He married Marie-Madeleine Giroux. Marie-Madeleine Giroux was born August 15, 1705 and died March 16, 1776.
They had:
Marie-Madeleine Mailloux (circa 1725)

Generation 5
Marie-Madeleine Mailloux was born circa 1725.  She married Jean-Pierre Toupin.  Jean-Pierre Toupin was born circa 1723 in Beauport, Québec and died April 7, 1809. Marie-Madeleine Mailloux died May 1803.
They had:
Marguerite-Véronique Toupin (circa 1754)

Generation 6
Marguerite-Véronique Toupin was born circa 1754 in Québec.  She married Jean-Louis Boutron dit Major. Jean-Louis Boutron dit Major was born circa 1749 and died February 26, 1790. Marguerite-Véronique Toupin died August 22, 1832 in L'Assomption, Québec.
They had:
Marguerite Boutron dite Major (July 11, 1785)

Generation 7
Marguerite Boutron dite Major was born July 11, 1785.  She married François-Barthélémi Leduc October 19, 1807. François-Barthélémi Leduc was born circa 1785 and died April 30, 1862 in Saint Louis, Saint-Timothée, Québec. Marguerite Boutrin dite Major died circa 1830.
They had:
Euphrosine Leduc

Generation 8
Euphrosine Leduc married Jean-Baptiste Lorrain.  Jean-Baptiste Lorrain was born August 3, 1820 in Détroit, Michigan and died circa 1887.
They had:
Francis Xavier Laurain (November 2, 1847)

Generation 9
Francis Xavier Laurain was born November 2, 1847.  He married Sarah Roe.  Sarah Roe was born October 27, 1859 in Newport, Monroe, Michigan, USA and died July 13, 1935 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA. Francis Xavier Laurain died October 4, 1914.
They had:
Susan Laurain (January 25, 1885)

Generation 10
Susan Laurain was born January 25, 1885 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.  She married Harvey Joseph Barron.  Harvey Joseph Barron was born July 17, 1887 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died August 1973 in Frenchtown, Monroe County, Michigan, USA.  Susan Laurain died January 27, 1967 in Estral Beach, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Lenore Evelyn Barron (January 8, 1923)

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