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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Generations of Jonas Langlois

These are the generations of Jonas Langlois down to my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron.

Generation 1
Jonas Langlois.  There is not much information on this person.  I'm not even sure if he existed.  He's listed in many unsourced family trees.
He had:
Marie Langlois (circa 1632)

Generation 2
Marie Langlois was born circa 1632 in La Rochelle, Charente-maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France. She married Julien Coutancineau 1657 in St-Martin, Ile-de-Re, France. Julien Coutancineau was born circa 1632 in St. Martin, Ile de Re, La Rochelle, (Charente-Maritime), France and died August 11, 1678 in Neuville, Québec. Marie Langlois died June 7, 1698 in Neuville, Québec.
They had:
Marie-Catherine Constantineau (circa 1658)

Generation 3
Marie-Catherine Constantineau was born circa 1658 in La Rochelle, France.  She married Michel Arbour ou Harbor October 8, 1671 in Québec. Michel Arbour ou Harbour was born circa 1644 in St-Romain de Montmain, Normandie, France and died August 30, 1699 in Neuville, Québec. Marie-Catherine Constantineau died May 12, 1712 in Hotel-Dieu, Québec.
They had:
Isabelle Arbour ou Harbour (September 20, 1684)

Generation 4
Isabelle Arbour ou Harbour was born September 20, 1684 in Petite Rivière St-Charles, Québec. She married Louis Bluteau. Louis Bluteau was born October 7, 1682 in St-Famille, Québec and died January 29, 1755 in Montréal, Québec. Isabelle Arbour ou Harbour died June 1, 1742.
They had:
Joseph Bluteau dit Larabel

Generation 5
Joseph Bluteau dit Larabel married Marie-Jeanne Boutet dite Leboeuf January 24, 1757 in L'Assomption, Montréal, Québec.
They had:
Antoine Bluteau dit Larabel (February 19, 1759)

Generation 6
Antoine Bluteau dit Larabel was born February 19, 1759 in Longue Point, Québec.  He married Brigitte Thibîerge April 20, 1789 in Sandwich (now Windsor), Ontario, Province of Canada. Brigitte Thibîerge was born February 15, 1792 in Windsor, Ontario, Province of Canada and died July 1842.
They had:
Brigitte Thibiêrge (February 15, 1772)

Generation 6
Brigitte Thibiêrge was born February 15, 1772 in Monroe County, Michigan.  She married Antoine Bluteau dit Larabel April 20, 1789 in Sandwich (now Windsor), Ontario.  Antoine Bluteau was born February 19, 1759 in Longue Pointe, Québec and died April 1811. Brigitte Thibiêrge died July 1842.
They had:
Archange Larabel (May 28, 1798)

Generation 7
Archange Larabel was born May 28, 1798.  She married Amable Lorrain January 19, 1818 in Détroit, Michigan.  Amable Lorrain was born October 10, 1797 in Détroit, Michigan and died January 11, 1847 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Jean-Baptiste Lorrain (August 3, 1820)

Generation 8
Jean-Baptiste Lorrain (name changed to John Baptist Laurain) was born August 3, 1820 in Détroit, Michigan.  He married Euphrosine "Fresen" Leduc.  Jean-Baptiste Lorrain died circa 1887.
They had:
Francis Xavier Laurain (November 2, 1847)

Generation 9
Francis Xavier Laurain was born November 2, 1847.  He married Sarah Roe.  Sarah Roe was born October 27, 1859 in Newport, Monroe, Michigan, USA and died July 13, 1935 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA. Francis Xavier Laurain died October 4, 1914.
They had:
Susan Laurain (January 25, 1885)

Generation 10
Susan Laurain was born January 25, 1885 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.  She married Harvey Joseph Barron.  Harvey Joseph Barron was born July 17, 1887 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died August 1973 in Frenchtown, Monroe County, Michigan, USA.  Susan Laurain died January 27, 1967 in Estral Beach, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Lenore Evelyn Barron (January 8, 1923)

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