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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Generations of Jean Doyon

These are the generations of Jean Doyon down to my grandmother Lenore Evelyn Barron.

Generation 1
Jean Doyon was born circa 1619 in Perigny, Charente-Maritime, Aunis, France. He married Marie-Marthe Gagnon November 19, 1650 in Beaupré, Québec. Marie-Marthe Gagnon was born circa 1636 in Laune, Perche, Lhome Chamondot, France and died November 21, 1670 in Château Richer, Québec. Jean Doyon died April 27, 1664 in Château Richer, Isle D'Orleans, Montmorency I, Québec, Neuville France.
They had:
Nicolas Doyon (March 18, 1654)

Generation 2
Nicolas Doyon was born March 18, 1654 in Québec. He married Geneviève Guyon January 8, 1690 in Château Richer, Québec. Geneviève Guyon was born May 13, 1665 in Château Richer, Québec and died May 2, 1734 in Château Richer, Québec. Nicolas Doyon died March 6, 1715 in Québec.
They had:
Marie-Louise Doyon (June 3, 1703)

Generation 3
Marie-Louise Doyon was born June 3, 1703 in Québec. She married Jean-Baptiste Beaudry dit Desbuttes October 8, 1721 in Québec. Jean-Baptiste Beaudry dit Desbuttes was born July 3, 1684 in Trois-Rivieres, St Maurice, Québec and died November 19, 1755 in Détroit, Michigan. Marie-Louise Doyon died September 13, 1778 in Détroit, Michigan.
They had:
Marie-Louise Beaudry (January 30, 1724)

Generation 4
Marie-Louise Beaudry was born January 30, 1724 in Québec.  She married Jacques Gaudet ou Godet dit Marentette August 15, 1743 in Bois Blanc Island at the Riviere Détroit. Jacques Gaudet ou Godet dit Marentette was born August 22, 1699 in Montréal, Québec and died November 7, 1780 at the Coast of the Hurons near Détroit. Marie-Louise Beaudry died July 19, 1766 in Détroit, Michigan.
They had:
Marie-Madeleine Godet dite Marentette (June 30, 1753)

Generation 5
Marie-Madeleine Godet dite Marentette was born June 30, 1753 in Détroit, Michigan. She married Étienne Jacob January 2, 1769 in Assumption, Sandwich/Windsor, Essex, Ontario. Étienne Jacob was born December 12, 1736 in L'Ange Gardien, Québec and died October 8, 1801 in River Raisin, Michigan. Madeleine Godet dite Marentette died April 2, 1821 in River Raisin, Michigan.
They had:
Jean-Marie Jacob (March 29, 1771)

Generation 6
Jean-Marie Jacob was born March 29, 1771 in Sandwich/Windsor, Essex, Ontario. He married Marie-Amable-Geneviève Carrier. Marie-Amable-Geneviève Carrier was born circa 1782. Jean-Marie Jacob died in 1819.
They had:
Geneviève Jacob (circa 1800)

Generation 7
Geneviève Jacob was born circa 1800.  She married Jean-Baptiste Reau.  Jean-Baptiste Reau was born November 19, 1793 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan and died 1873. Geneviève Jacob died circa 1850.
They had:
Isadore Roe (circa 1835)

Generation 8
Isadore Roe was born circa 1835 in Détroit, Michigan.  He married Theresa Henrietta Lauzon.  Theresa Henrietta Lauzon was born February 5, 1839 in Monroe County, Michigan, USA and died May 11, 1915 in Ecorse, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Sarah Roe (October 27, 1859)

Generation 9
Sarah Roe was born October 27, 1859 in Newport, Monroe County, Michigan, USA.  She married Francis Xavier Laurain.  Francis Xavier Laurain was born November 2, 1847 and died October 4, 1914.  Sarah Roe died on July 13, 1935 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Susan Laurain (January 25, 1885)

Generation 10
Susan Laurain was born January 25, 1885 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.  She married Harvey Joseph Barron.  Harvey Joseph Barron was born July 17, 1887 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and died August 1973 in Frenchtown, Monroe County, Michigan, USA.  Susan Laurain died January 27, 1967 in Estral Beach, Michigan, USA.
They had:
Lenore Evelyn Barron (January 8, 1923)

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