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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Things in Common

What is something you and your spouse or best friend have in common? (inspired by: The One-Minute Writer)

 There is so much my husband and I do not have in common. Opposites attract, right? However, here is something that we do have in common.

 We love visual and performing arts! He's a performer and I'm mostly a watcher. My husband is a singer, a guitarist, bass guitarist, and plays piano. When I first met him, he was rapping, writing lyrics, and making beats for hip-hop music. As he's gotten older, his appreciation for music has become more well-rounded. He's taken me to some of his performances where he sings tenor in a choir and performs in musicals with the community college.

 He initially liked me because I also have a love for the arts. I used to draw, paint, write poetry and short stories. I use past tense because I have been so focused on genealogy and history as my current hobby, that I have put my other means of expression aside.

 My husband has always been encouraging and supportive of my art and writing. I am just not confident enough, yet, to share with everyone else.

 We also both love photography. I took photography class back in high school, and much of what I learned was on an old-school camera. Today, we work with digital cameras. I love to take macro shots of nature. My husband is more of the documentary type of photographer, taking in everything around him. He likes to make videos and take pictures of the entire scene as it looks in its most natural form (people moving, laughing, buildings, panorama).

 Our most recent date nights involved watching plays and musicals.  Maybe one day, he and I will finally put our minds together and make something of what we both love and know.

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